Reminiscing Hanoi & Halong Bay, Vietnam

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

For starters, I would like to thank the team of Profil Holidays for arranging the tour for me. Thank you to them, I was able to explore the hidden gem of Vietnam.

Before anything, I would like to state some facts – according to data, Vietnam stood out in Southeast Asia and across the world for having the lowest number of cases and deaths due to Covid-19.
Their fast action and proactive containment strategy made their Covid-19 journey a successful one. This is one of the reason why I admire and wanted to share my brief adventure in the land of the “
Ascending Dragon”.  While it is not my favorite country there is no denying that my visit to Vietnam still stole a part of my heart.

Given that it has been a couple of years since this trip occurred; to be exact, this was in August 2015. So, my apology is I cannot recall every single moment of my trip. Nevertheless, I am willing to share the parts where the city managed to steal a part of my heart. A memory that I will always remember.

Halong Bay

Known as a UNESCO World Heritage for its stunning limestone mountains raising up from emeralf waters that formed a thousand years ago, along with astonishing caves that showcases the culture of Ha Long – the Halong Bay offers a landscape that will, without any doubt, leave you speechless.

I stayed at the Royal Lotus Halong, which took approximately a 45-minutes’ drive to reach Halong Bay. It was summer when I visited Halong Bay, which meant that there were many tourists from all around the world who wanted to see the beautiful limestone islands of Halong Bay.

Consisting about 1,600 islands and islets that rise up out of the water, I decided to take the opportunity to ride a boat so that I could enjoy and take in the beauty of the islands. This is also being done to avoid overcrowding within its vicinity. Majority of these islands are inhabitant, unspoiled and remains to be eco-friendly marking as a geological significance to many marine animals. Other activities are also being offered within the perimeter, such as: kayaking, swimming and cruising.

A beauty, a special place worth visiting.

The Maze Cave ( Me Cung Cave)

Aside from the formation of the entire island along with its islets, the Halong Bay also consists of multiple caves. 

The Me Cung Cave is unlike any other cave that you visit around the world ! This cave does not have any legend or origins, instead, it is famous for being one of the prehistorical sites of Vietnam. 

Here is a small fun fact about the cave – it is known to be the home of a prehistorical man who lived within the walls of the cave between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago. With that being said, the cave became one of the most attractive spots to tourists in Halong Bay due to its phenomenal historical, cultural natural values.

One of the cave I visited is the Maze Cave. The journey going up this cave inspires me more to achieve my goal— during that time, at that exact moment, it was to see the interior. To get to the cave I remember climbing up the steps made out of stones and by the entrance there was a narrow crack that only one person can pass through at a time.

Upon entering the cave, you will be greeted by the sparkling stalactites facing downwards from the ceiling of the cave. If you are a fan of stalactites, you will surely be mesmerized by this cave! As I walked deeper in the cave, I stumbled over to a great spot and personally witness the shimmering stalactites gliding together creating a multi-color of light – I was in awe with the sights. Who would have thought I would be able to see such beauty?

On a personal note, I highly recommend this activity for everyone. I do believe that it is best for the young and healthy or well-fitted travelers because it requires a lot of walking, and most especially climbing high rocks.


Did you know that Vietnam is extremely popular when it comes to gemstones? Yes yes! You read it right, one of the best recommended gemstone to buy is the famous Ruby gemstone! Albeit, there are other types gemstone to choose from.

As for my personal experience, I was mesmerized by the Ruby stone so I bought a set of ring and earrings. You would think that I spent a lot for this, right? Well, here’s a little secret – it is not that expensive! So, make sure to give it a try! After all, you do not get to see unique gemstones on a daily basis, right?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made me miss travelling more each day. Writing a travel blog of one of the best places I have been to, has brought me to reminiscing my exciting and thrilling moments in my life. I hope to travel soon again after this pandemic. There is so much more the world has to offer and so little time to see the beauty of nature.