Best Time to Visit Seoul, South Korea

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Planning your next East Asia trip? I highly suggest the capital of South Korea – Seoul. Known for their famous K-Drama series such as Descendants of the Sun, Crash Landing on You, Boys Over Flowers and many more; the city of Seoul will, without doubt, capture your heart within the second you step foot in their land.

Although, it must be noted that picking the best time to visit Seoul is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make.
The weather can be quite moody – cold breeze during the winter, to hot and humid during the summer and sometimes you will be greeted with a dash of rain every now and then.

South Korea has four distinct seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter. The most popular time to visit Seoul are during the season of spring (March-May) and autumn (Mid-September – Early  November). 
The reason behind this is because the weather is ideal and the landscape is at its most striking. Both seasons are characterized by a dramatic change in color, which in my opinion is a great way to take instagrammable pictures!

Spring ( March - May )

Famous for its Cherry Blossom, the city of Seoul will be bursting with various flowers blooming in every corner. Although the Cherry Blossoms will not appear every day as the flower depends greatly on the weather. So, if you are chasing the famous bloom of the Cherry Blossom, it is best that you check the forecast before booking your flight to the city. Nevertheless, the city will be shining and shimmering with various colours of flowers.

As for the weather, you will be greeted with a warm gently breeze – which will not consist of any scorching heat from the sun nor any humid weather.

Summer ( June - August )

South Korea, just like the Philippines, happens to have scorching heat of the sun during the summer as well as occasional rains due to the monsoon.

To add, it is also the peak of domestic tourism within the city – which means you will be surrounded by a large crowd.

With that being said, do not expect much when taking an Instagram photo during your Seoul trip; after all, it is quite difficult to take photos when it rains or when there is a large crowd.

Fall ( September - November )

If you are looking for beautiful orange, yellow and red leaves in the city of Seoul – visiting South Korea during the autumn season can surely bring you in awe.

You will be greeted by the same cold breeze of the air (similar to spring season) as you walk through various streets and admire the beautiful eruption of the colours of fall.

Winter ( December - February )

If you are looking for the perfect winter breeze but not as cold as European winter, South Korea welcomes you with a chilly weather as you take the opportunity to enjoy winter activities in the mountainous areas nearby.

If you are lucky and on the correct side of South Korea, you might get the chance to see the sun peaking a tad through the cloudy skies.

Side note: do try to avoid traveling during the Lunar New Year because crowds may be large and hotel fares may be quite high given that locals will travel back to their hometown to spend the special holiday with their loved ones / families.