Exploring Thailand

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Being a travel enthusiast, having the chance to explore a new place can really bring out a spike in my interest. This is my travel blog about my trip to Thailand.

The moment I visited Thailand, I fell in love with the place. There are many reasons as to why I love the place – whether it be because of the food, the weather, the people – there is just something special about Thailand that will always capture my heart.

There are a lot of exciting activities to do in Thailand, here are my top activities that are worth visiting and experiencing as a first timer:

1. Ride the Tuk-tuk

The city of Bangkok comes alive during the evening – one of the best things to do during the evening? Ride a tuk-tuk and immerse yourself in the streets of Bangkok as you witness the local sights, sounds, and smell of the vibrant city.

As a woman travelling, I can assure every female traveler that you will feel safe and comfortable to roam the city of Bangkok during the evening. The locals are truly friendly and accommodating that you shouldn’t worry about anything.

2. Visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets

This is one of the most popular floating markets in Thailand – which means that it is bursting with tourists every single day. Yes, it may not be quite a good thing that it is crowded but I assure you that it is definitely a must when in Bangkok.

After all, it is a great way to witness the winding canals, remote villages and plantations considering that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate this if you were to view it by foot.

Being able to partake in the floating market, I truly felt as if I was living the local life in Thailand. I was able to shop from boat to boat; each one offering a different item and different goods.

3. Samphran Elephant Ground and Crocodile Farm

This place is well known as the breeding farm of many types of crocodiles, especially endangered ones.

It is also being served as an elephant village where you will be able to witness with your own eyes many stray elephants being adopts, fed and trained for the show. Likewise, for crocodiles.

Here, I amused myself with such beautiful shows – a magical show, an elephant theme show and a dramatic show that showcased how elephants were used in the Royal battles.

4. Chang Puak Camp

This camp offers many exciting activities that will surely make you smile! Ranging from elephant talent shows to BB guns and many more.

Here, I was able to ride an elephant which truly is a unique experience! I got to see a monkey show which showcased the skills of the monkeys and take a picture with a white lion!

5. Shop at MBK Shopping Mall

This mall is known to be the oldest mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Here, you can shop for cheap items and munch out on declisiou food as there are a lot of food stalls found inside the mall.

6. Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Known to be the tallest hotel in Thailand, this famous hotel allows guests to relax for a couple of hours in their vicinity. Here, you will be greeted with delicious Asian seafood, Western-style dishes and Thai dishes as you witness the beautiful city view from the dining area.