5 Intriguing Facts About Mont St Michel

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

When people dream of visiting France, they would often want to head to Paris as their first stop thinking that the City of Lights is the only beautiful city worth visiting. However, France has so much more to offer than just one city.

If time permits, you should definitely make your way towards Mont Saint-Michel, whether it be for a day-trip or an evening trip (though many prefer to stay the night). This  beautiful island located between Normandy and Brittany will definitely blow you away with its ancient beauty as it embraces its historical aspect.

You may be wondering why a simple island is worth your day? Allow me to unfold the facts of the famous Mont St. Michel :

1. It was conceived in a dream

Containing its historical traits, the island of Mont St. Michel manages to continue to fascinate and intrigue foreign nationals from all around the world. One of the captivating features of the tourist destination revolves around its famous story.

Legend says a bishop from a nearby town had a dream of St Michael the Archangel. It is said that the Archangel ordered the bishop to build a church. The dream was ignored until such time the Archangel bore a hole into the skull of the bishop, and in return, the bishop finally decided to create the church. 

The church was made in dedication to the Archangel and it is now known as the Mont Saint Michel. Over time, monks settled and a village started to take shape within its walls.

While not many individuals visit the destination as a pilgrimage site nowadays, many still travel to the island to admire its unique beauty.

2. It is a tidal island

The tides surrounding the island are ever-changing, causing a rise or fall of the water. This is also due to the build-up of silt and of course, the location in which the island is built in. Both scenarios have their distinctive beauty.

Amid the high tide, the entire island is surrounded by water. It becomes a picture-perfect island as it catches your eye. Some would even say that it looks like the island is hovering above the water, causing a mirror reflection.

A scene that is considered to be surreal yet so beautiful at the same time.

Amid the low tide, the island becomes more interesting. The water subsides and the sand emerges from the ground. Visitors have the chance to walk within its vicinity and towards the island itself. During this moment, the island is seen differently to some.

With that being said, of course, it can be quite dangerous heading over to Mont St. Michel on your own within the day – especially if you are not aware of the tidal hours. The best way to avoid any sudden danger from occurring? Find yourself a guide that would know the tidal waves to ensure safety.

3. A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The island is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site in France because of its rocky tidal island and its 11th century Benedictine Abbey. The Abbey is the center of the fortified medieval village.

Another specific characteristic of the Mont St. Michel is that the entirety of the site stands out because of its unique location. The island provides an unforgettable silhouette when the tide rises, making the island an astonishing monument to take a picture of.

4. Traveling back in time

The moment you set foot within the quaint streets of Mont St. Michel, you will feel like you traveled back in time. To be more specific, the medieval times.

If you came from Paris and headed straight towards the unique island of Mont St. Michel, it will feel like you left the city life for a life dated back in ancient history.

Though it may be quite crowded given that the streets are narrow,  if you are heading there during the peak season, it may be quite difficult to get around. Regardless, the beauty of witnessing an ancient medieval island surrounded by water can surely bring out an aura unlike any other.

5. The most famous omelette in the World

If you are from Manila and you’ve encountered a restaurant named La Mère Poulard, then let me tell you this – that famous Omelet Souffle  comes from the famous island of Mont St. Michel!

Visit the original La Mère Poulard located within the streets of Mont St. Michel and have a bite of their delicious local Omelet Souffle.