Belgian Gastronomy

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

For all the culinary enthusiast, Belgium has certain local cuisines that are a must-try for every traveler! Being surrounded by two countries, the gastronomy found in Belgium offers a mixture of mouth-watering dishes and junk food. 

A mixture culinary skills from France, Germany and the Netherlands, the unique food makes visiting Belgium worthwhile.

1. Chocolates

Belgian Chocolates.

I am certain that upon hearing the words “Belgian Chocolates” you are already aware of how delicious the dish is, after all, it is really well known for their famous sweets.

Being produced since the 19th century, chocolates plays a vital role in the economy of the nation as well as the entirety of the Belgian cuisine.

You will be greeted by various stores selling different types of Belgian Chocolates – truffle, milk chocolates, dark chocolates and many more. Your mouth will be bursting with the deliciousness of the melting chocolates.

2. Belgian Waffles

Considered to be a local food to some, the Belgian waffles found in Belgium are not as sweet as other countries – but instead, the toppings makes up for the sweetness. 

The waffles can be topped with chocolates, cream and other fruits, making every bite bursting with various flavours.

I bought a Belgian waffle during my stay here and let me tell you this – it was huge and overflowing with chocolates! After all, Belgium is well-known for its gastronomy!

3. Mussels

Mussels in Belgium are more fleshy than those found in other neighboring countries. 

This is considered to be a traditional dish. It is often cooked with white wine and classic vegetable broth, paired up with beer! Majority of the time, it is served with fries on the side.

The mussels that I ordered back during my trip to Belgium – all I could say is that it was delightful.