Must-Try Activities in a Dream Destination in Asia

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

 Dreaming of spending a holiday in a balmy, palm-strewn island? The Maldives might be the right one for you! The flattest country in the world numbering 1,200 small islands and sandbanks rising 1.8 meters above sea level at most, and few of those disappear as high tides occur.

Coming from a tropical country with many beaches, it is without doubt that the Maldives is considered to be a paradise to many. Ranging from the beauty of the crystal-clear waters, the fine flour-like sand which embraces the emerald accent of mother nature – the vicinity of the entire island will surely make you feel like you are in heaven.

Known to be a holiday and honeymoon spot, relaxing and beach bumming is certainly a must do in the Maldives. After all, that is what the famous beach destination is known for!

But there are more than enough of activities to do in Maldives. Here are my top activities worth trying out when you visit the Maldives:

Watersport Activities

🐚 Snorkerling

Given the beauty of the waters, it is without doubt that you will be able to spot incredible variety of coloured fishes and corals within the shoreline of the beach! 

Imagine going further than the shorelines, you’ll be able to see even better fishes without the pollution roaming the surface of the sea.

🐚 Water Flying

Although this activity may be best for the young generation or the newly-weds, it is an activity that will definitely be memorable for anyone who attempts to give it a try! 

This activity requires a lot of strength in the legs and abs – so be sure to be physically fit to try it out! Nevertheless, it is a must do when in Maldives. 

Other than falling every now and then, you will remember this moment for a long time as you will be laughing all throughout the ride!

🐚 Diving

Snorkeling may provide you with beautiful fishes, but diving? You will get mind blown by the beauty of the marine ecosystem. 

If you do not have a license, you will only be able to go 12 meters deep. 

Here, you will be able to see some animals that you would not be able to see elsewhere (or at least in such clear waters!) Just imagine seeing an eagle ray, right? Quite enticing if you ask me!

🐚 Surfing

The beaches of Maldives offer some of the best waves in the world. Although, it is said that the waves are more for advanced surfers, a vast number of individuals tend to go to search for some waves within the shorelines of the beaches.

🐚 Parasailing

Want an overview of the entire island? Parasailing is a must try when you are staying in the island of Maldives. Feel the breeze of the wind hit your skin as you sail across the waters of the islands whilst taking in the beauty of the vicinity.

Going to a Sandbank

The Maldives offers a vast number of sand banks – these are small islands filled with the whitest sand, surrounded by pristine, crystal-clear waters and coral reefs. I would even say that this is a perfect place to take your beach-like pictures!

Visit a Luxury Resort.

This is one of the most recommended things to do – for approximately 100$, you can already experience a luxury treatment! You can stay in a resort island that offers food and drinks during any time of the day. With bikini privileges, you can take as many photos with your prepped beach body. Visibility of the waters also allows you to spot turtles, fishes, and even friendly sharks!  You can also appreciate the ambiance of the calm pristine waters and swaying palm trees as your feet passed through the white.

A Stress-Free Zone

You don’t need to stay in a luxurious water bungalows to take stunning photos and experience a high-end resort in Maldives. All of these are done in a day before you return to your local island.

If a hundred dollars will cost your day, beach bumming is never boring. Sip a refreshing tender coconut as you relax under the canopy of coconut palms in a bikini by the beach while waiting for the warm colors stunning sunset the the island has to offer.