Magical Isles of Scotland

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

If you’re looking for the magical isles of Western Scotland then you’ll definitely be greeted with folklore stories and faerie sightings.

The best part about visiting the isles is that you’re straying further away from your internet connection, and much closer to the wild abandon of nature and the elements.

The Isle of Skye

Arguably the most famous of the isles, you can take a day trip to the Isle of Skye and experience the misty beauty of the Black & Red Cuillins (mountain ranges) from afar.

You can also stay at an inn or hostel for a few days, to experience walking through the magical fairy pools at the foot of the mountains, and even climbing them yourself.

The Hebrides

If you have more time, consider sailing to the edge of the world— that is, the Hebrides archipelago to the Westernmost part of Scotland.

These isles were the site of many ancient cultures interacting, including the Norse, Slavic, English, and Gaelic ancient cultures.

This is why this place is a treasure trove of mythological and historical literature and artifacts.

This is also home to one of the most memorable sights I’ve ever seen in my life: The Callanish Standing Stones, a megalithic monument in the Isle of Lewis that sent me into daydreams when I visited it.

To this day, I always hope that I will get to see it, and the isles, again in my time.