Christmas in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Last Christmas 2019, prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I found myself traveling to the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia along with my family. I never expected myself to fall in love with the city as I really thought I’d enjoy it as it was known for the filming sites of Game of Thrones. Little did I know, the city has exquisite landscape views and cuisine that captured my heart.

Dubrovnik during the holiday season radiates like a gem. It is a must visit for anyone who adores traveling and experiencing something that you cannot express in words, but rather, a must see with your own eyes.

Dubrovnik Atmosphere

Find yourself escaping the snowy weather or tropical heat of your city, to visit the Adriatic Coast. You won’t be able to find any snow or scorching heat during the winter in Dubrovnik. Instead, find yourself enjoying the cold breeze that the city has to offer.

The historic Old City shines like a beacon in the night sky— Christmas lights beaming through every corner of the streets, ornaments and Christmas trees fill the cobbled streets. The city locale definitely knows how to bring the Christmas spirit to travelers.

Away from the hustle of the busy period of summer in Dubrovnik, Christmas is rather calm and quiet. Have the city to yourself as you walk by the cobbled streets while the cold breeze hits your skin.

Wander the streets of the city as you will be greeted with Christmas delicacies, gifts, sweet treats and souvenirs. Inhale the sweet and savory fragrance of local and foreign cuisine found along the Christmas market.

Christmas Treats

Find yourself enjoying a variety of delicious seafood treats during your stay by the Adriatic Coast. Being its speciality cuisine, devour delicious fresh seafood dishes in local restaurants found within the city walls. Given its diverse population in the city, variety of European dishes can also be found. But you can’t truly enjoy the Croatian ambiance without trying their local dishes!

When it comes to dining in restaurants, people were offered seats outside and inside of the restaurant establishment. Although it may be quite cold outside, the restaurant staff would offer a blanket and a heating lamp for your convenience.

The Christmas market has a lot to offer during the holidays. From local specialities to everyday dishes that you find over the Christmas markets. Find yourself trying out the “Prikle” (a small doughnut) which is often found in every Dubrovnik Christmas market stall. Of course, you can opt to try out new dessert that you have yet to taste just like a waffle with loads of fillings inside along with ice cream. Need a drink to wash down everything? Try out European hot wine.

Picturesque City

A Memorable Sunset

As the evening descends, shadows fall slowly on the town of Dubrovnik, boats return to the docks and locals head home to their loved ones during the holiday season. The calm surface of the ocean appears, the horizon stretches out as far as the eye can see, first in a perfect yellow shade and then blurring out into different colours of mother nature — from yellow, orange, red, purple and a shade of light blue.

The city offers a memorable sunset to its visitors.

The quiet of the waters, the silence of the city and the scent of local cuisine roaming the air — I felt myself stunned for a moment. I left a part of me in Croatia. A sunset worth experiencing, whether you are traveling alone or with family or with your significant other.

Breathtaking City Views

One of the best things to do in Dubrovnik is to get up high above the city onto its walls. The city walls of Dubrovnik are very much packed during the peak season, that is why I highly recommend going there during the winter season. It is less crowded than the summer, so you will truly find yourself enjoying the overall ambiance of the city.

There are a lot of places you can enter as the walls are quite large. In addition, there are also a lot of different places where you can go to see the beautiful panoramic view of the city and its Adriatic sea. As for me, I went to Fort Lovrijenac. I will be honest with you- it was quite the walk. But it was surely worth it.

Make your way towards the West Harbor of the city — a famous Game of Thrones site — and find yourself walking to the top of Fort Lovrijenac. The walkway was quite steep and rocky, so it was quite difficult when you are wearing heels. Although, make sure to stop by the small corners to marvel at the beautiful sights.

Inside of Fort Lobrijenac, take in the ancient history of the fort and roam to take a couple of picturesque photos of the city and of yourself! When you reach the top of the Fort, you’ll be able to see a one of a kind sight of the city of Dubrovnik.

Whether you are a fan of Game of Thrones or not, the city of Dubrovnik has so much to offer— ranging from history, culture, activities, cuisine and many more. From the view of the van going towards the city, I already felt myself fall in love with the place. Much more having to tour the city thoroughly by walking the old walls during the winter season.

The city is much more enjoyable during the winter season than the summer. Dubrovnik knows how to steal your heart with its beaming holiday spirit shining through every corner.

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