My Second Home – Switzerland

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

I love the Philippines – born and raised, and to be honesty I would probably have my final rest here. But if I were to choose another country other than my own, it would definitely be Switzerland – the land of Alps, Chocolates and Watches.

I joined a tour featuring Switzerland with Profil Holidays. It was an exquisite experience. They offered many places in the country, most especially a chance for me to reach the top of Mt. Titlis. The travel company has brought me to a country that has captured my heart and will forever love, Switzerland.

No matter where you look, the Swiss Confederation will definitely capture your attention with its exquisiteness. Other than the famous chocolates and chees, see for yourself the towering snowy mountains no matter what season! In some places, see for your own eyes the crystal-clear water of lakes and picturesque little villages worth visiting.

The warmth of the locals

For starters, the people in Switzerland are definitely one of the warmest, kindest and down to earth individuals ever. Despite the chilly weather, the hospitality of the people of Switzerland truly makes up for the freezing weather outside.

If you get easily homesick, it can get quite difficult to get through the day – but the locals in this European city can definitely make it less hard to get by. The way they smile, the interest and conversation that they have with you will make you forget about your homesickness. In fact, they make you feel welcomed wherever you are in the city.

Switzerland can definitely be considered as my second home, or a place that feels close to home.

The stunning natural beauty.

The natural beauty of Switzerland will definitely steal your heart. For such a small country, you will be able to see a numerous land of mountains wherein you can take instagrammable photos anywhere.

During the summer walk through the city as the bright sun beams right through the bright clouds as you inhale the scent of flowers. Although the heat of the sun will definitely not burn your skin because the chilly weather brought by the mountains can make it less hot for locals and foreigners alike.
Need a break from the sunlight? Take a stroll in the meadows and forests of the city.

Winter on the other hand can make the city a winter wonderland but not a white Christmas ambiance. Yes, it is not very common to see snow in Switzerland unless you are planning to go on a trip to a ski resort. 

Embrace the cold breeze of Switzerland. The locals surely know how to celebrate their winter season as they do not take for granted their natural blessings – the environmental friendly city knows how to ensure that their mountains remain unharmed and the lakes remain clean all year round.

The beautiful views of Mt Titlis.

I have been blessed to be able to reach the top of one of the famous mountains – Mt. Titlis. 

In fact, I was able to go their multiple times. The mountain lies 10,000 feet above sea level, making you feel like you are on top of the world. Amazing, isn’t it? But it may also sound quite frightening, or at least for those who are afraid of heights, right? Well, don’t worry. The cable cars are extremely secured and the staff members do not let anyone reach the top if the weather is not great – this would mean that if there is too much clouds or if it is raining cats and dogs, then do not expect heading up to the top. This is for everyone’s safety.

I rode the cable car and I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape. Being a 360-degree cable car, I was able to take in the jaw-dropping scenery from bottom up to the top of the mountain. 

Upon reaching the top, I was amazed by the view. It was a clear day when I visited Mt. Titlis and all I could see was the panoramic view of the Swiss Alps in every corner – a breathtaking scenery. Not to mention that there was a Glacier cave at the top! Imagine walking through a 150-meter long ice tunnel, situated at the top of a 10,000-feet above sea level mountain! An experience worth trying.

One thing for certain – Mt. Titlis, you have truly given me a one of a kind view of the Swiss Alps.

Retail Therapy of Lucerne

Switzerland is not only for those nature lovers’. 

In fact, head over to Lucerne for some retail therapy. The city is known for its stunning medieval architecture and its stunning location on the edge of the Lake Lucerne as you can witness the beautiful snowy mountains right behind.
Not to mention that you can enjoy shopping for many different items.

Upon reaching Lucerne, I was stunned as I saw with my very own naked eye the home place of the shop that I have been dreaming to visit: Rolex.

Sometimes, I think that when God created the lands on Earth, He took more time with Switzerland. After this COVID-19 Pandemic, I cannot wait to head over to the European country and take in once more the pristine beauty of the Swiss Alps.