Roaming in the Streets of Russia

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Rich in history and culture. Famous for bears, vodka and the matryoshka doll. A city with a large wildlife and a one of a kind nature; lastly, a home to many thinker, artists and writers.

Today, let us take a trip to the world’s largest country composing of the second largest art museum in the world and home of many billionaires — Russia.

The country of Russia is an adventure on its own. I bet you can imagine how the climate can differ – artic in the north and subtropical in the south. A variety of different cultures and nationalities. A cultural yet historical country that ranges from different era along with the astonishing forests, lakes and rivers.

Being one of my first international trips abroad, my trip to Russia was without doubt unforgettable as the country managed to give me a remarkable experience worthwhile.

A Cultural Site

As I stood there in the middle of the Red Square, I was in awe with the way the square was bursting with vibrant colours as it brought out the Soviet architecture. I looked before me and there it was – the famous St. Basil Cathedral. It was filled with bright colours. The best part? The dome was blooming next to the Kremlin wall.

I was stunned by the beautiful aspect of the architecture and the entire ambiance. It felt as if the world stopped for a second. In that moment, I took a moment to take in all the vivid colours and the impressive detailed architecture. The Orthodox Church is definitely a must visit being Russia’s most popular cultural symbol.

Historial Aspect

Winter Palace

Despite the frequent attacks including the Red Army attack back in 1917, the one of a kind Winter Palace did not lose any of its uniqueness nor grandeur. Given that it is considered to be the former residence of emperors, it is without doubt that upon entering the palace you will feel like a royal – although, maybe that would be for a different story !

Peterhof Seafront

The Peterhof Seafront Palace has brought me in awe the second my eyes locked into the exterior of the establishment – I looked upwards by the hill and was greeted by a bright yellow exterior.

As I got closer, my eyes could properly adjust my vision that I could see thoroughly the details of the palace as well as its entirety. I had a moment of deja-vu –the monument reminded me very well of the famous Versailles Palace back in France. Though this was just because of the golden pillars and magnificent garden fountain — others may see it differently. Nevertheless, it is a beauty to the naked eye.

Home to Writers, Painters and Many More

Founded by Catherine the Great in 1764, the Glorious Hermitage remains to be one of the largest museums in the world — given that the beautiful paintings that are being showcased will definitely bring you in awe. As you walk through every corner of the halls, your draw will drop with the masterpiece that your eyes will be locked onto.

Home of Ballet

The Bolshoi Theater to this day holding operas and ballet shows almost daily. You’ll be captivated by some of the world’s most talented performers. So, make sure to spare some time during your trip to Russia as you witness mesmerizing ballet performances that will surely leave a remarkable memory.

Thank you, Profil Holidays, for organizing my trip ever so flawlessly. You have managed to capture every single aspect of Russia in the itinerary that you offered me. After the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is without doubt that I will book with you again for my future travels.