At Last: Alaska

Picture of Written By Profil Holidays Editors

Written By Profil Holidays Editors

When I heard that I will be going to Alaska, I wondered to myself – out of all the countries and cities around the world, why Alaska? But also, why not?

The reason as to why I wondered this question was because I have already seen glaciers, mountains, and wildlife from other parts of the world – what else could be so interesting to explore in Alaska? 

Travel Time

It was August of 2017 when I flew to Anchorage from Manila via Asiana Airlines.It was an approximate 38Hours flight with stop-over in Incheon (Korea), and Seattle (USA), before my final flight to Anchorage.

During the entire time – from flying to catching my connecting flights – I will be utterly honest with you, it was exhausting. Imagine having to spend hours on a plane with a couple of hours of sleep only to land in an airport having to run to the other side just to make it on time for your connecting plane? Exhausting it may be, but it was also very memorable and quite fun, to say the least.

K2 Aviation with Glacier Landing

To witness the beauty of the Denali National Park, I was given the opportunity to witness the beauty of the park up close as I embarked on the famous K2 Aviation with Glacier Landing tour. 

You will feel mesmerized by the scenes around you.

To partake in the tour, I had to drive a 3hour long road trip from Anchorage to reach Talkeetna – the city wherein the K2 Aviation is located. 


Upon arrival, I had to be present in an orientation along with the pilot. The orientation taught me many things such as: what to do during the flight, upon landing and what to do afterwards. Of course, this is obligated for every visitor to do before commencing the activity to ensure the safety of the client.

This was my first time to do a flightseeing journey of the Denali National Park – most especially the glacier landing part. It excited me but it also made me curious on how the pilot can safely land the plane on the glacier without putting at risk the passengers’ lives. 

Before boarding the mini plane, the pilot asked if there was anyone in the crowd who was willing to be his co-pilot. Without a doubt – I raised by hand. I am well aware that this is my first time to experience this type of activity and it was quite thrilling that I was worried and scared. But after all, I was in a city that has an amazing scenery and being able to witness it firsthand by the side of a pilot – it was a risk that I was willing to take.

Side note: each flight can accommodate 6passengers, 1 pilot and 1 co-pilot.

The Flight 

All I could say was that I was breathless. 

The flight will take about 30 to 40 minutes of your time. Which is enough time to capture the beauty of mother nature – whether on your camera or by memory, you will not forget the experience brought to you by K2 Aviation. 

The view during the entire flight was immensely beautiful. Seeing from up close and from above the Alps, the glaciers, the mountains and the valleys – a one of a kind adventure. 

The view during the flight is immensely beautiful. From glaciers, to mountains and valleys. Truly one of a kind. The scenic flight took us about 30 to 40 minutes.

The Denali National Park offers many landing spots for this activity. The most common one being by the 5,600-foot level of the Ruth Glacier, located in the Sheldon Amphitheater. The pilot will choose where to land – although, do not worry, because in every landing spot, you will still be able to take a breathtaking picture of the scenery as a remembrance. 

As we landed smoothly and safely on the ground, I was able to take a moment to enjoy the area and witness the crystal clear white world of snow and ice. I stood there, beneath the famous mountain of the Alaska Range – such a beauty. I now understand why people highly recommend this activity.

For those who may be curious, the activity will cost you at least USD 400 per person – it is quite expensive, however, I highly recommend this activity to many individuals who are up for a thrilling ride. Most especially, those who are looking forward to seeing nature and love the snow – this is an experience that will reshape you individually and make you open your eyes to the beauty of mother nature. 

Important Notes:

In order to maintain the safety of the passenger, it is crucial that the pilot makes the decision whether it is possible to land the plane or not. After all, his utmost priority is the passengers’ safety. Here are a couple of examples wherein the pilot will not be able to land the plane: 

  • The activity is weather permitting. The pilot will not be able to land if:
    • If winds are high.
    • If the snow fall is too strong. 
    • If visibility is blurred.